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5 Myths About Buying New vs. Used or Lease Return Copiers

When it comes time for businesses to invest in new copy equipment for the office, many opt for buying new – believing that they will be getting a higher quality product that will last longer and cost less in repairs and maintenance. 

This is not always the case.  In fact, when you buy a new copier, you are absorbing the majority of the depreciation in the first year.  And while there is certainly plenty of used copy equipment on the market of questionable quality, there is a way for the informed buyer to save hundreds or thousands on a copier without sacrificing quality, reliability or warranty coverage when you know where to look. 

There are an increasing number of quality copier dealers who offer like-new lease return copiers.  These machines, when you can find them, often still have 90 percent of their copy life, but sell for hundreds or thousands less than a new model. Plus, if you are working with the right dealer, you will often be able to secure the same warranty and service contract rates on lease returns as on new equipment

Here are five commonly-held myths about new copiers vs. used or lease return copiers that anyone in the market should be aware of:

1) Used copiers are worn out  - The common perception is that a used copier is put up for sale after years of use. The truth, however, is that many used copiers available for sale have recently been returned from a lease. Many businesses managing short-term projects lease office equipment rather than buy. At the end of the lease, that equipment is resold at substantial discounts. In many cases, a used copier may be a new model with less than a year of use under its belt.

2) They’ve been rebuilt with cheap parts. It is true that some used copiers need repairs before they can be resold. One way to tell the quality of the work is to ask the seller whether the copier has OEM, or original equipment manufacturer parts. If it does, that means the seller has tried to keep it as close to the originally manufactured product as possible.

3) They don’t last long. A copier’s life is based largely on its use. If your business produces a large volume of copies, it’s imperative that you choose a copier that can handle that volume, regardless of whether the copier is new or used.  That said, you can still expect up to 90 percent of a copier’s life when dealing with high quality lease returns.

4) They are technologically behind. When you buy new, copiers come standard with the latest technological features and software.  However, as most machines are updatable, software updates can be performed by the dealer.  Regardless of whether you are buying new or used, make sure the machine you are looking at will be compatible with your office IT infrastructure.  Just ask your dealer – they will be able to confirm this for you.

5) Maintenance expenses will negate any cost savings. Many used copiers aren’t that old and have been refurbished with original parts and the manufacturer’s latest software updates. However, even brand new copiers need service from time to time. Before you buy, check with the dealer if they are able to offer the same level of warranty on a lease-return copier as a new machine.  If so, you will have eliminated the main source of risk, and have hopefully found a great deal!

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